We give women a voice & champion the idea that beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive. Here at news macarons we believe that every woman has a voice, an opinion, a perspective. And what we do is make sure your voice is heard. Most of our content is user-generated, so the conversation feels like having a brunch date with your favorite people ever. If you have a news story that needs to be seen, share it. If you want to discuss a personal story (whether it’s hard-hitting or laughter-inducing), share it. Our homepage is a newsfeed that shows the latest submitted content in bite-sized segments. This way, if you’re on the go, you’ll still feel in the know.


    The modern woman and the macaron have a lot in common. If you find yourself asking what the name is all about, it’s simple. Macarons are a celebrated dessert the world over, and they represent a more mature alternative to cupcakes or cookies; treats that so often are identified with femininity and womanhood. Creating a delicious macaron is an art. It requires the perfect amount of juxtaposition: it must be both crunchy yet soft, complex yet dynamic, distinctive yet unique. Similarly to the many roles modern women are forced to take on, the macaron’s existence explores duality by nature. The macaron, is complex, dynamic, worldly, and beautiful in its individuality, much like the women it represents.

  • meet the founder: hannah foerster
    meet the founder: hannah foerster

    She’s the primary interviewer, writer, designer, and HBIC for this new media platform called news macarons. 

    So why did she launch NM? After living and studying overseas in Hong Kong for six months, she came back home to America with an entirely new perspective on  life. Finding herself with time on her hands for the first time in pretty much forever, she began noticing disturbing patterns in the way modern media speaks to women: instead of encouraging uniqueness, most headlines and articles often denounce individuality. Rather, they aim to talk at their target audience and make the viewer feel less than. How many articles do we need to read that tell us how we’re doing our eyebrows wrong, or how many headlines do we need to see with the Kardashian or Jenner name attached? So rather than fighting the problem, she decided to confront it head on by tackling relevant topics, with real women, to an authentic audience.

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You’re Interesting

When you’re visiting, we want you to feel like you’re enjoying the perfect brunch date with your ideal best friend. You know the type. She’s interesting and she’s interested. Once the mimosas are dry and its time to go home, you leave her company feeling confident, loved, and a little smarter all at once.

You’re Unique

We believe that all women, of all ages, races, and religions are strong as hell. Every woman has a story, a perspective, and a unique opinion. Unfortunately, today’s media still doesn’t seem to recognize this. 

you’re engaged

So, how do we fix the media? Well instead of talking at you about the latest celebrity gossip or beauty trend, you create the conversation. That’s right. All of our content is user-generated. We’re a platform that celebrates the unique voice of women everywhere.

you’re informed

We know what your day is like: you put make-up on for work while listening to an NPR story about Syria, or when you’re online you have tabs open from Vogue & The New York Times simultaneously. You’re dynamic, and intriguing. We just hope to be like you.

 you’re dynamic

We’re going to bring you relevant, intriguing content and we’re going to look good doing it. This is another way we like to think we’re different; we believe beauty and brains are never mutually exclusive.