Can’t Decide on Your Personality? Let MAC Do it for You!

Define your existence with six new palettes from MAC.

Are you a Basic Bitch? Fulfill your dreams of being a unicorn or a mermaid (or both… are unimermaids trendy now?) with this new palette. With each purchase, a pair of UGGS is donated to a trust-fund baby in need. Tired of being called bossy at work when really, you are the boss? There’s one for you, too! Indulge yourself in the gilded Power Hungry palette. Don’t take it up with HR, express your inner Sheryl Sandberg the only way you know how: through eyeshadow. And there’s one for you, too, Barbie. The Prissy Princess palette comes jam-packed with the only color you’re capable of loving: pink. But don’t you worry, you curious little devil. Let the Mischief Minx palette brings out the sly vixen buried deep inside your psyche. Adorned with leopard packaging, these painfully-average shades show the world that you’re one curious little cat. Not to be forgotten, there’s one for all you fashionistas and rebels. Because hey, what caricature of a woman is complete without these two cornerstones? The Rockin’ Rebel and Fashion Fanatic palettes are available, too. Okay, we’re done now. If you’re looking to purchase one, MAC has all the details here. And in all seriousness, just have fun with it. Who cares?

Can we just say that your makeup preferences don’t have to define you? Or is that obvious and we’re being grumpy because this is such a blatant marketing ploy by MAC? The brand may be a creative vanguard in the cosmetics industry, but this feels a little tone-deaf and forced.

Either way, if you do pick up a palette, let us know. We’re genuinely curious to see the quality and the overall response from the beauty community.

📷 : Influenster, MAC

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