Celebrate the Queens in Your Life With The Coolest Deck of Cards *Ever*


What do Leandra Medine, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Joan Didion, Diane Von Furstenburg, Sheryl Sandberg, Rihanna, Angela Merkel and Condoleeza Rice all have in common?

They’re all bad bitches who earned a coveted spot on the coolest playing cards around.

Introducing: Bad Bitch Cards. This isn’t your grandmother’s deck of cards, and rightfully so.

This coveted deck is helmed by two bad bitches themselves, Claire and Jules, who are on a mission to celebrate and recognize strong women that have “pushed society’s limits, broken glass ceilings, and paved the way for future generations.”


And keep in mind the term #badbitches is in no way intended to be derogatory. This is a term of endearment, of respect, for the women that are unapologetic trailblazers at a time where we need to own our individual strengths more than ever.

So why celebrate female accomplishment through a deck of cards?

Strap in. You’re going to learn something today.

According to their website, early decks of cards actually didn’t include a Queen. And “even today Italian, Spanish and German cards have a variation of 3 male court cards, with no Queen. The exception is the French, which does have a Queen (PRAISE). Card games are typically male-dominated, so we figured it’s time to bring some powerful women into the space.”

Umm, yes. Hell yes.

So where can you buy this incredible deck of cards?

Their Kickstarter still has 27 days to go or you can find more on their beautifully designed website.

FYI: The Early Bird special only Has 3 MORE SPOTS LEFT and each pledge group is filling up quickly, so the time is now to snag up this incredible deck and support the talented women behind this project!

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