Create Fall Foliage Perfection in 5 Steps with the Floral Underground

Breathtaking flowers. Delivered right to your door. As a subscription service. *swoon*

This is not a dream!

Introducing: The Floral Underground. The perfect way to get your floral fix without the hassle (and pressure!) that comes with decorating for the fall season.

We caught up with Derek, the genius behind the brand, to find out his secrets to the perfect fall floral arrangement below. The best part? You’ll be on your way to the perfect setup in no time!

How long have you been passionate about, and talented with, floral arrangements?
I joined the floral industry at the ripe age of 16 where I began learning floral design in vocational school and working for a local florist. Since then, I have continued to study the trade through institutes such as Michigan State University, the Michigan Floral Association (MFA), and the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD).

What is Floral Underground?
In 2008 I launched my own business, Floral Underground, which has gone through many a metamorphosis to become the business that it is today. It started as a wedding/event florist, grew to incorporate corporate and home interior accounts, then grew to retail.

After I closed retail operations, I used Floral Underground to do anything “floral” before relaunching the business as a floral subscription box business.

What gave you the idea to start it?
Because Floral Underground had already done wedding/event, corporate, home interiors, and retail, it was important to me to re-launch the business as something new and fresh.

With the popularity of subscription box services, and a lack of such a specific service in the Midwest, I thought it was a perfect idea to re-brand Floral Underground as this type of service.

What is your favorite flower?
My favorite flower is an orange Carnation.

What flowers or other plants make for a good “fall floral arrangement?”
There are many, many different cut flowers and foliages that make for a beautiful fall floral arrangement.

Some favorites of mine include: Dahlias, Viburnum Berry, Curly Willow, Protea, Mums, varieties of Eucalyptus, Acacia Foliage, and Air Plants – to name a few.

Can you tell us how to make an aesthetically-pleasing arrangement?
I love this question. Following are my favorite tips for consumers:

1. Prepare all of your stems by laying them out on the kitchen counter like ingredients when you’re cooking.

2. Inspect your stems and remove anything damaged or any pieces on the stem that will be below the waterline in the vase.

3. Give everything a fresh cut before inserting in to the vase, crisscrossing your stems as you go, this will build a natural grid and help hold everything in place.

4. Use larger, heaver flowers at the base of the arrangement and thinner or smaller stems to fill in at the end.

5. People tend to use foliage first, but foliage can also be used to finish an arrangement as a form of filler.

When caring for the flowers, what’s most important to remember?
Flowers like fresh, cold water, so it is important to change the water in your arrangement daily. When changing the water in the vase, rinse the stems of the flowers and give them a fresh cut before putting them back in the vase.

Be sure to use fresh flower nutrient that comes with your bouquet as this helps keep the water clean and feeds your blooms. Keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight and away from forced heat or air as these conditions will age your blooms prematurely.

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