Currently Coveting: Buttons & Bows & Headbands (oh my!) from Regenerous Designs

There’s three things we can all agree on:

✅ There’s nothing better than a well-placed bow (or headband)
✅ The perfect scarf is the ultimate all-weather accessory
✅ Being sustainably-conscious is the ultimate way to be fashionable

So now that we’ve come to an understanding, believe us when we tell you that we found the coolest, chicest sustainable accessories brand that meets all of these qualifications.

And it’s called Regenerous Designs.

Started by a woman who found a solution to a problem in an industry she loves, Regenerous Designs sells fashionable, versatile accessories from upcycled fabrics to give a second life to fabric being thrown away.

Talent, passion, and a desire to make a positive impact is woven into every unique accessory.

Meet Alyssa Bird: the CEO, designer, model, & “handmaker of everything.”

Starting her own upcycling fashion brand isn’t something that Alyssa always wanted to do. It was during her studies of Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) that she became dismayed at the amount of fabric going to waste during the clothing production process.

So, being the forward-thinking badass that she is, Alyssa decided to create a solution to the problem rather than contribute to it.

Alyssa modeling the versatility of the headbands she creates.

So how does she do it?

It all comes down to her endless creativity. Alyssa directly visits manufacturers in LA and collects fabric remnants before they get tossed out. This is important because Regenerous Designs saves the fabric before it even touches a landfill.

And Alyssa never knows what kind of fabric scraps she’s going to recover, so every creation is a unique work of art. As the designer and creator, she’s constantly pushing the boundaries to make sure every product is as unique as the wearer.

This is just a small glimpse into the waste coming from clothing manufacturers.
Thankfully, Alyssa uses these fabrics to make her stunning creations!

Accessories that Make Sustainable Fashionable

Regenerous Designs offers a myriad of options for purchase. From button bands, big braided headbands, button bows, button twists, headbands, bracelets, and bow lapels, there’s something for everyone.

These uniquely colorful patterns and intricately detailed designs in each collection are the ultimate testimony to her fashion and sewing talents.

Simply put: We can’t get enough of Alyssa and the brand she created (literally) from scratch.

Shoutout to Jordin Sparks for wearing a Regenerous Designs scarf!

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