February is for Confidence!

February is such an asshole month.

Okay, stay with me.

February lands a month after January (obviously); the month we’ve decided to start a new year by pursuing outlandish resolutions. The month we literally picked out something about ourselves that we believe needs improving. And then we dedicate our time and our efforts and our sanity into fixing these perceived weaknesses, and, as statistics show, we fail by the time February comes around.

But that’s only the beginning!

February also bombards us with messages of Valentine’s Day, which is one of the most exhausting and overhyped holidays of the entire year.

If you don’t have a significant other to spend your time with, to take you out on dates, to shower you with gifts like giant teddy bears and overly-priced candies, what are you even doing with your life? If you don’t have a reservation to the hottest sushi restaurant in town, does he even love you? And if you two haven’t nearly broken up multiple times discussing whether or not Valentine’s Day is a legitimate holiday, will your love even stand the test of time?

Look, that’s not what we’re all about here at News Macs. And that’s why we’re getting ahead of the hype and encouraging you to feel your most confident, despite what the greeting card industrial complex or the Hallmark channel has to say.

You do you, big shot! Who the hell cares about having a date or finding validation through a variety of last-minute gifts.

I’d be happy eating sushi by myself in my most comfortable pajamas with a personal bottle of wine, thank you very much.

So! Now that we’ve established that News Macarons will not be participating traditionally in this annual festival of hearts, chocolates, and making women feel unworthy, let’s talk confidence.

Confidence is a hard one.

It’s a nebulous concept, but when we look at others, we seem to believe that’s its black and white. We see InstaFamous influencers that take perfect pictures – and our internal monologue tells us that “they have what it takes, they’re confident about who they are” and, as a result, I must not have what it takes comparatively.

I am so, so, SO TIRED of this absurd duality. And that’s because I fall victim to it myself. Like, all the time. And it’s exhausting!

Our proclivity to compare ourselves, to diminish our accomplishments, in the face of others is nothing but a cruel, masochistic way to keep our spirits and our confidence down. And I personally feel like the February atmosphere does an excellent job of preying on these insecurities, exploiting them, and then profiting off of them.

I realize I’m starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist, and we’ll continue to talk about confidence through the rest of the month, but I think that it’s something that should be said repeatedly: you are enough.

You are so, so much more than you believe and you can and you will overcome that devilish little voice inside your head that tells you otherwise.

I love you! But first, love yourself.

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