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Our interview with Jane Huh, the woman behind the swoon-worthy Instagram PlainJanePosy is our prettiest one yet! Read on to find out how she discovered her true passion, what it’s really like being a florist, and her design philosophy for the perfect floral arrangement (and life!).

Tell us a little bit about you!
I am a second generation Korean-American, born and raised in Orange County so I have cultivated that laid-back southern California-vibe that we are known for!

I grew up wanting to be a wedding planner (I was seriously addicted to the TV show “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?”), a fashion buyer, and now a florist. Being a florist is a dream and I appreciate the little things in everyday life. I currently live in Long Beach with my husband (still strange saying that since we got married this past June!) and enjoy spending quality time with parents, my awesome younger sister, friends, and my two mutt pups ☺️

When did you know that you wanted to become a florist – were you always passionate about flowers? If not, what did you want to be when you grow up and how did you find your passion as a florist?
My childhood home has a rose garden with name cards for each plant, like Lucille Ball, Audrey Hepburn and other old Hollywood figures. It always seemed “alive” and a magical part of our backyard. I think my passion for flowers stem from my backyard (pun intended), but I actually went to school for business with the goal of working in the fashion industry.

I worked at a few start-ups and an apparel company for several years but found myself losing interest in the industry. Also, my parents are small business owners and I see the pride they have for their work and have always wanted something that I could call my own. I dabbled in baking, but ended up eating most of what I made (oops!) so I stumbled upon floral arranging and began to experiment and research. I always feel at peace or like the world slows down when I arrange flowers and being in that “zone” felt therapeutic and satisfying, which grew into this passion for working with flowers.

What’s your favorite part about your job?
My favorite aspect of being a florist is having a part in a person’s important life moments, whether it is a birthday, wedding, or even coping with grief.

Recently, a groom reached out to surprise his bride with arrangements as she got ready for their wedding. A+ groom, right? Hearing back that the bride loved the flowers made me feel incredibly humbled and grateful to make arrangements to celebrate people’s loved ones and ultimately make others happy. Receiving amazing feedback from my clients makes all the 5 AM flower market runs and prickly thorns completely worth it!

How do you come up with all the beautiful, creative ideas for your events?
It depends! If there’s a specific flower I’d like to use, I will build the rest of the arrangement accenting that focal flower. If a client has a certain color palette they like, I will find different textures in that particular range. But inspiration is everywhere, whether it’s a movie, venue, art, or travel to new places!

What’s the secret to a beautiful arrangement (if there is one)?
Beauty is subjective, right? But personally, I love when an arrangement has different textures and flowers or greenery that aren’t so traditional which makes people ask “what’s this flower?” Adding a little whimsy makes things more fun. Also, I feel that a more asymmetrical style has better flow to it rather than the really tight arrangements that we traditionally see.

What’s your favorite flower?
Eek! There are so many but I think my favorite would have to be pink astilbe (even the name is so stinkin’ cute). Sometimes you can find super fluffy ones that remind me of clouds. 🙂 Honorable mentions go to anthurium and ranunculus!

What’s your design philosophy, if you have one? Your Instagram is so beautiful I can only imagine the rest of your life looks the same! 😉
You are too sweet! I think when it comes to my design philosophy, I’ve always been drawn to things that are “ugly-cute.” These are things that make me question if something is so ugly that it’s cute or just plain cute. My friends and family can vouch for this as it’s visible with my personal style, illustrated by printed pants or crazy shoes.

This also translates into my floral aesthetic by using certain flowers that aren’t too common or might traditionally be “weird.” It can also be seen in the placement of flowers, like a particular stem might be sticking out to accentuate the weirdness or cuteness of the flower. I enjoy elements of kitschy-ness but done in a way that’s more sophisticated or scaled down.

It really depends on what I’m trying to accomplish so if someone likes a more classic look, I love executing their vision!

Is there anything else that you want the world to know?
Being a florist is a lot of hard work and is filled with the not-so-glamorous tasks like heavy lifting, washing buckets, and perpetually dirty nails. But I feel like I have finally found my passion in life and hope that is translated in my Instagram posts, which I hope provides a sense of whimsy and fun for followers.

I can’t wait to see what this path holds for me and appreciate everyone who leave the sweetest comments on Instagram. Stay tuned for more ugly-cute creations!


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