Jimmy Choo is worth like, a lot.

It was announced today that Michael Kors has agreed to buy Jimmy Choo for an outstanding $1.2 billion dollars.

That’s a lot of high heels.

The premium/luxury fashion industry has been feeling pretty daring this year. This latest buy comes hot off the heals of Coach’s announcement to buy Kate Spade for a very pretty, quirky penny.

But don’t expect for the brand to change it’s aesthetics. Known for its strappy stilettos, handbags, perfume, and additional accessories, Jimmy Choo has definitely discovered what works and what doesn’t for the brand. Michael Kors knows this, too. They’ve announced that they’ll keep the existing JC management team, so expect to see the same swoon-worthy designs during this massive transition!

Source: BoF
Image: Jimmy Choo

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