Looking to Satisfy Your Creative Side? This Podcast is Exactly What You Need.

And it’s called The Creative Women’s League Podcast.

It’s exactly what you’re looking for: energizing, empowering, and inspiring all at once. Described as “a podcast exploring the creative journeys of badass women everywhere,” each episode takes you along for one hell of a ride.

Although young, the CWL Podcast is immediately impressive with its mature voice and topical content. The first episode, launched only on June 1st of this year, shows its audience what to expect: love yourself, push yourself, and be a badass along the way. Oh, and you’re not alone while doing so.

Host Kate Toney interviews women with the type of unique stories that speak right to your heart, and her questions pique your curiosity throughout each episode. With her contagious wit and charm, she tackles the heartache, the joy, and the realness that comes with being a creative woman.

Creator, host, and all around badass Kate Toney.

The CWL Podcast starts on a high note with the “Mindful Monday” series, which is intended to set your week up for success. Looking for some advice on starting that project you’ve been dreaming about? There’s an episode on that. Struggling with creative blockage? There’s an episode on that, too.

On Wednesdays, expect to hear intimate interviews with more incredible women from a variety of backgrounds: entrepreneurs, taxidermists, designers, and oh so many more.

The podcast has already been downloaded over 2000+ times!

We took a peek behind the microphone and interviewed Kate to get to know her better. Immediately, her genuine passion for helping others succeed became apparent.

What is your ultimate goal for the podcast?
The ultimate goal for the podcast is to grow! I can’t wait to see it become a long running show and watch the CWL community blossom in ways I haven’t even imagined possible.

How do you do it all?
You know what? It’s not so bad to do it all. I told myself for years that I couldn’t start a podcast because I was so busy with work and hobbies and pets and whatever else. But being busy working on things you love is awesome and I figured out that when something is actually important to you, you make time! I still have no idea what I’m doing, I learn about recording and having your own business every week. But it’s all worth it.

Who is your dream interview, if you have one?
Not to be a total cheese but I have already hit a lot of my dream interviews! I feel so lucky every time someone says yes to being on the show, I am just floored that they are willing to take time out of their schedule for my little podcast. I have sooooooo many dream interviews: Zoë Foster Blake, Elle King, Jen Sincero, Lady Gaga! I want to speak to everyone and I know one day I will.

What’s your advice to other creative women?
My advice is just dive in. Start.

Today is perfect it doesn’t matter if you are ready or not. Just start!!!! I kept telling myself I needed to wait until I fully understood recording or had a perfect website or would spend months making lists of who I want to talk to… that was just procrastination. Don’t wait, jump in and the learning happens.

Ms. Frizzle said it best: Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!

What do you want to make sure everyone knows?
I want to make sure everyone knows they are capable, wonderful, deserving people who should dream higher and love harder. I want to make sure that everyone knows kindness and the bravery to be yourself may not answer all the world’s problems but it’s a darn good start. I’m always worried strangers think I am being disingenuous when I say that but anyone who knows me will tell you I am not at all. I believe in everyone’s endless potential; I believe it to my core.

Since I was young people would tell me they were scared, nervous or full of self-doubt but then they thought of me and what we spoke about together and from that they got the braves to do whatever it was they struggled with. If I can continue to help motivate more and more people, women and girls especially, that’s all I want to do with my life.

Oh and I probably want to make sure everyone knows that a new CWL podcast is available every Monday and Wednesday. 🙂


Kate is the woman you want in your corner, and the woman that you want to become. And the success of her brilliant podcast shows us all that empowered women truly do empower women.

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