November is… ✨ Magic ✨

editorials are hard

As I sit here writing my first editorial for the coming month, I am simultaneously abound with inspiration and paralyzed on how to begin.

My mind is quickly pacing as I think about the exciting newness coming with our November content, and yet I can barely translate these thoughts into words on my outdated version of Microsoft Word (leave me alone, software update manager!).

And as the holidays roll around, it’s easy to consider this month one of “thanks” and/or “giving” and/or well, Thanksgiving.

But I think that it’s more than that.

It’s been nothing short of extraordinary

What’s transpired over the past couple of months through our little media platform has been nothing short of extraordinary. And I want to acknowledge the incredible acts of persistence, drive, and sheer force of will that we’ve been so lucky to witness.

When News Macs was just a baby idea and I was trying to turn a force of inspiration into a viable online business, I came across a Wonder Woman tutorial on YouTube for my Halloween costume. I was immediately intrigued by the woman giving the tutorial, Susy Shasky.

I didn’t know what I was doing, but I reached out for an interview regardless. And she agreed.

We had an incredible conversation, and I remember feeling completely in awe of her: mother, wife, business analyst, beauty guru.

At the time she was hashing out the idea of starting her own beauty line that would donate proceeds to domestically abused women. She had experience with homelessness and verbal abuse herself, so this was a cause near and dear to her heart.

One year later, GLAM 22 launched.

Let me repeat: one year later.

That’s magic.

Brandi Lindoe of Clemson Confectioneries was also one of our first interviews. She had already been interviewed by USA Today and many others, and I was so excited that she would even give me the chance to get to know her.

At the time, she was considering opening up a storefront, but chances were dismal because of student loans (sigh, a feeling I know all too well).

One year later, Brandi got her storefront.

That’s magic.

I am completely in awe

And when I describe these accomplishments as magic, by no means am I diminishing the blood, sweat, and tears that it took for these women to achieve their dreams.

I mean this in the most wondrous way possible: I am completely in awe.

Brandi and Susy are only the beginning. Watching the women we’ve interviewed live their dreams and turn ideas into a reality is nothing short of spectacular.

When News Macs started, around this time last year, I ended up becoming very sick for the entire winter. I had to undergo a surgery that took longer to recover from than expected, and then I moved to Savannah, GA to finish my Master’s degree in Luxury and Fashion Management.

News Macs had to take a backseat out of necessity.

But, when I graduated and finally moved back up North, I realized that I wasn’t finished here. I still had an insatiable desire to grow this media platform into what I visualized it could become.

And I am so excited to say that, after three months of picking up where I left off, we’re growing. We’re building. We’re developing into exactly what I dreamed.

And along the way I’ve been able to meet some of my heroes: Jasmin Floyd, Meaghan Elderkin, Mandy Connor, Tash Crosby. All of you have taught me lessons that I live by daily.

Maye Musk even liked the post we made about her (!!), and I’ve learned how to live a life of wellness from The Urben Life, My Radiant Essentials, Well Lived Mag, Lattes & Lemons and so many more.

What I mean to say is…

I write this now in a moment of unbridled excitement for what we have accomplished and for the surprises that lie ahead (stay tuned!). But I don’t want to make it sound like I do not struggle daily in my confidence as a writer and entrepreneur.

Hot damn do I struggle every single day.

And yet, being surrounded by the strength of the women on this platform provides me with the fuel I need to stay focused, motivated, and feeling (somewhat) confident in my vision.

So here’s to November. A month of magic, compelling content, and growth.

Here’s to the change we’re making in the world, the voices we share, and the light we shine in the darker hours.

Most importantly: here’s to the magic we’re making together.


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