PrettyTracker Keeps You Frugal & Fabulous

Looking to save money on makeup without having to look for the deals? Without having to leave your couch or step away from your mobile phone? We know, we know, sounds pretty unrealistic.

Only except it isn’t.

Makeup mavens, beauty buffs, and casual connoisseurs, rejoice! PrettyTracker is here to save the day and, most importantly, to save you money.

This new website is the smart new way to be your own kind of beautiful. Described as an online vanity and price-tracker, it’s the easiest way to digitally organize your makeup and save money at the same time.

Once you sign up, personalize your vanity and search for products from stores like Sephora, Ulta, and more. When something you’re prettytracking goes on sale, you’re emailed immediately. This way, you can snag up that hot new price before anyone else does!

If you’re hoarding dozens of products on your wishlist, there’s a solution for that, too. You can create individual baskets to keep them all organized. May we suggest categories like “longhairdontcare” “lipstick,” and “favorites.” 😉

PrettyTracker is available on mobile devices or, if you prefer the desktop experience, as a Chrome Extension as well.

Take a look at my personal vanity to get inspired and see how it works!

Like the website says- pretty faces, happy wallets.

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