Quaintrelle: Holiday Soirée

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This is a large file maximized to be read on a desktop. But you can definitely download it to your phone as well. If you want to do that, be sure to download the “MOBILE” version. It might take a moment longer that way, but it’ll download to your iBooks app and feel more like a real mobile mag page-by-page.

It will be easier to read on a phone screen this way, but I highly recommend the desktop version to get the maximum impact of these beautiful pictures. And you can always return to this page to download either version, depending on your preferences!

What you’ll find

Quaintrelle: Holiday Soirée is unlike any other digital publication out there.

What originally began as a fun adventure to develop a small mini-mag (roughly 25-30 pages) evolved into a joyful celebration that explores what it means to live a life inspired with a dozen of our favorite influencers. Oh, and by the end, I more than doubled the initial page estimate! Inside, you’ll find recipes, beautifully intimate essays, beauty looks and fashion advice for the upcoming holiday season.

In the spirit of the word quaintrelle, every woman who contributed to this work truly embodies living a life of passion. And as editor and founder, I am so honored to have worked with all of them. Although I am utterly euphoric and exhausted after completing this work, I know that I am a better person after collaborating with these wonderful women. And for that, I am grateful.

How lucky are we to be living in a time where women are no longer shunned for wanting to pursue their professional goals and uniquely express their voices? I truly believe we are in a new time of awakening: one of witness to the rise of the female entrepreneur. And I am so grateful to have a small part in it some way.


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