R E F R E S H: the January edit

Around this time of year, I despise opening my inbox.

I get exhausted tuning in to social media.

I stay away from my Facebook feed.

Without fail, as we collectively celebrate the completion of another rotation around the sun, it becomes overwhelming trying to keep up with the barrage of New Year’s resolutions and the multitude of companies, brands, and even friends telling you what to do and how to do it.

Simply put: you weren’t good enough last year, so you have to revamp your entire way of thinking and existing in order to reach all of your goals and accomplishments for the coming year.

Need help figuring out what you need to fix about yourself? There’s a brand guaranteed to have the solutions you’re looking for. Just buy their product, and you’re off to a solid start.

Worried you haven’t been healthy enough? This revolutionary new sports bra is sure to be the fix! Or these new smoothie recipes! Or this new dieting program! Or this new planner!

It’s as if New Year’s resolution have become insidious reminders that you weren’t good enough last year, and if you don’t overwhelm yourself trying to fix your shortcomings now, you won’t be good enough this time either.

Well to this, I say no more! No thank you. Not today. Not this year.

I am well aware of my shortcomings, thank you very much. I know what I need to become a better version of myself, but I can guarantee that comparing my goals to yours, or to a large company with an agenda to sell me stuff, isn’t going to solve it.

So I’ve decided to take this New Year into my own hands, and this is how.

No more resolutions.

Instead, I will develop new priorities for myself.

The term “resolution,” specifically around this time of year, inherently evokes a sense of failure. It’s almost a running joke amongst us all that we want to better ourselves, knowing full well that the chances of actually doing so are minimal.

It sets us up for failure right from the start. It allows us to buy into the lie we tell ourselves, and worst of all, we make that lie and that failure okay.

Personally, I don’t see that as any action toward improvement.

Instead, by reframing resolutions as priorities, I have empowered myself to shift my perspective on living the life I desire.

For example, rather than resolving to “go to the gym at least four times a week” I want to prioritize “living a healthier lifestyle.”

And, if I prioritize this healthiness, I adjust my actions to do so. I want to read more books on health and nutrition, I want to explore proper exercise routines that won’t cause endometrial flare-ups, and I want to create a sleeping plan that maximizes this without needing to nap. And oh boy do I love to nap!

See the difference here? I’m framing my priorities over my resolutions in order to make them more manageable, more flexible, more attainable. I’m not hurting my conscious this way or disappointing myself (I’m demanding as it is!).

So no more resolutions.

Adjust your priorities, and you’ll naturally adjust your actions.

Minus the disappointment.

The refresh: not just for your phone

Believe it or not, I actually love January! I love the sense of optimism and newness that it brings.

January reminds me that I’m alive. That I’ve survived another crazy year. That I have so much more to look forward to.

And that’s why I’ve decided to designate January as the month to REFRESH – refresh your mind, your priorities, your wellbeing.

It’s not about making resolutions that could fail (see above), it’s about finding that inner peace that allows you to tackle this brand new chapter right in front of you.

I want January to evoke a sense of calming satisfaction: that first sip of champagne, your skin after a detoxifying mask, your heart after a delightful phone call, the first whiff of your favorite candle.

Forgo the crazy, hectic need to make yourself better in a month. Let’s take it easy. Let’s give ourselves new strength and energy to survive another year as our most inspired yet. Let’s reinvigorate our happiness, our minds.

After all, surviving another year is a marathon, not a sprint! Let’s start our new journeys together with a fresh sense of curiosity and wonder.

Cheers to the New Year!

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