Sarah Biggers of Clove + Hallow Makes Sophisticated, Cruelty-Free Beauty Inclusive

Do you know what ingredients are in your makeup? Most women don’t. But Clove + Hallow founder Sarah Biggers wants to change that without compromising pigment and coverage.

Clove + Hallow may have only launched in March, but the brand is already attracting a devoted audience with its high quality ingredients, diverse shade range, and utterly Instagrammable aesthetic.

Sarah Biggers, founder and makeup artist extraordinaire, embodies everything we stand for. But as a driven and talented entrepreneur, she had to undergo several life-changing events to launch her makeup brand in the first place.

In fact, her relationship with clean beauty is a very intimate one.

In early 2015, Sarah was struggling with depression and panic attacks. She had developed a mystery illness, forcing her to visit a variety of doctors to find a diagnosis. Months passed until one doctor recommended a complete lifestyle overhaul in order to reduce her toxic intake.

Although skeptical at first, when Sarah pursued a cleaner lifestyle, her symptoms began to fade.

The next overhaul? Her makeup vanity.

Disappointed in the quality and consistency of most natural cosmetics, Sarah became determined to create her own line; one that would satisfy both the editorial and nontoxic needs she saw in the industry. Her ultimate goal: “to create a welcoming, safe and inspired beauty experience for every woman.”

And her hard work has paid off! Clove + Hallow has already won a variety of prestigious awards, launched an entire summer collection, and announced plans to expand into 40 different SKU’s by the end of the year.

Other than having a fearless leader and inspiring purpose, what makes this brand so exciting is its youth. Big things are already in motion, and there’s so, so much more to come.

In fact, we fully expect to see shelves at Target or Ulta fully stocked with these products in the near future.

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Photo credit for these beautiful images goes to Clove + Hallow. Thanks!

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