Celebrate Life’s Magical Moments with These Bite-Sized Cookie Masterpieces

Okay, we’re convinced. Happiness can be found in a cookie. Especially one as deliciously designed as those from Sweet Posh Cookie Co.

We found Sweet Posh and Julissa, the owner and head chef of this wonderful bakery, through her delightful posts on Instagram. Every day, every picture, was just as joyful as the next. Does cookie therapy exist? Because we’re pretty sure that’s exactly what Julissa does.

And after getting to know her, the secret to these beautiful creations became apparent immediately: Julissa is just as delightful as the cookies she creates, and her love for her craft is baked right into each and every batch.

When in doubt, bake a cake

I started baking when I was 8 years old. I would always bake boxed cakes or brownies for my family. I remember having a Social Studies project in 5th grade that required me to create a 3-D replica of Earth, and of course I decided a cake would be the best way to execute this project!

After having my cake displayed for all the school to see and receiving an “A” for my work, I realized that I am good at creating something that not only looks nice, but tastes delicious, too.

The Perfect Cookie requires a blend between art & science

The perfect cookie is all in the thickness.

If a cookie is rolled out too thin, and iced with royal icing, it is too crunchy. If it is rolled out too thick, it doesn’t bake evenly. But a perfectly rolled out cookie gives you a soft bite.

Also, a light golden bottom is important, it keeps the cookie soft, and chewy!

Every cookie I make, and even the icing that I use is from scratch.

I hand mix every color to match the decorations of the event, and I take my time to get the perfect consistency of icing to flood (icing the base) each cookie.

Getting the perfect icing consistency is highly important when it is time to decorate; if the icing is too thin and runny, it will be very messy, and the icing runs right off the edges of the cookie. If the icing is made too thick, it will be harder to spread, and the base will not be smooth.

Being included in life’s celebrations brings me complete joy

It’s hard to narrow my favorite occasion to bake for to only one, but I love First Birthdays!

Being included in one of the most precious celebrations for any parent brings me complete joy. I know what it’s like to plan a first birthday and the excitement, bittersweet feeling every parent gets when their baby is quickly making it to their first year of life.

That day is very important to any parent, and to be able to create something that will make it a little more special is a reward in itself.

Cookie Inspiration is everywhere

Anything I see, whether in a magazine or a store can be cookie inspiration.

Based on the theme for an event, I typically look for pictures of decorations related to the theme. That is where a lot of inspiration can be found. I also find it in other people’s artwork, I once created a cookie completely based off of a tattoo!

Inspiration is everywhere, and it is very important to me to make sure I give credit to the source of inspiration.

It’s about more than a cookie: it’s a celebration

I want people to know that I am a home baker, a one-woman show, but that is the only thing that separates my bakery from a brick and mortar storefront. This is a business like any other. It’s not a side hobby, it’s my actual job.

My business is about creating something that is meaningful and unique to help celebrate life’s sweet moments no matter what the occasion is.

Each cookie is made with lots of attention to details, and of course with lots of love.

When I first started my business, I received a message from a potential customer that I had given a quote to saying “I don’t know if I want to pay that much for just cookies.” I had a few similar messages from other customers after that time as well, and it completely took away all the excitement I had from realizing that my passion was becoming my very own business.

But then I realized that it’s more than a cookie. It is a piece of artwork, it is a skill, just like baking a cake.

The amount of time and the love that I put into each set gets rewarded by the reaction of my customers. When my customers tell me they had to save a cookie as a keepsake is what makes it worth all the time and thought that I put into each design.

I very much enjoy what I do. I love to create art, and I am happy when someone chooses me to be a part of their special day.

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