Target’s New Beauty Aisle Remodel Is Everything

It’s no secret that Target is a very, very dangerous place.

Between the $1 bins at the front of the store, the affordable-yet-chic clothing, and the swoon-worthy home decor section, it’s hard to come out of this shopping behemoth unscathed.

But can you guess what they’re improving next?

The beauty aisle.

Target shoppers (addicts*?) have seen the Target beauty aisle expand into some really unique categories over the years. Their robust natural products section continues to evolve and outperform the competition, and it seems like new brands and products are continually added to the assortment.

But a recent picture posted here by user MotherOfPits on the subreddit r/makeupaddiction shows us that Target is really, really stepping up their beauty game.

What you’re seeing is a complete remodel of a Target beauty aisle in Chandler, Arizona. We can’t stop checking out all the cool new details – there’s so much room for activities!

The aisles have expanded for better movability, there’s a concierge service, and it looks like there’s an option to actually test these drugstore brands!

If this is what we can expect from Target in the near future, we’re on board.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


Credit for this picture and for her post goes to Reddit user MotherOfPits — we can’t thank her enough!

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