This is BIG – Two major announcements

Okay, it’s time. I can’t believe this is really happening.

As founder and editor of our little baby-but-ever-growing media platform, I am beyond thrilled to announce that News Macarons is making some major changes.

Starting this week.

From it’s very inception, it’s been a dream of mine to evolve News Macs into a full-fledged media platform.

I started out this time last year by posting weekly featured interviews and saw success in this strategy. Unfortunately, I had to take some time off to undergo surgery and then to finish graduate school. But once that was finished, I was overcome with the feeling that News Macs wasn’t finished yet.

So I continued pursuing this crazy idea of mine in August by pushing myself to post daily content and grow our social media presence as well.

Initially, I gave myself three months to see how this new strategy would play out and to create a habit of writing daily.

And, looking back, I am so excited to say that these past three months have been absolutely wonderful. Together we made it happen!

So here it goes:

Starting this Friday, News Macarons is officially ON AIR.

That’s right, we’ve got a podcast. (ahhhh!)

And to go with each episode, we’re launching video that corresponds with each podcast. This way you can fully immerse yourself into the lives of our featured guests and even have your afternoon tea while we chat.

How fun is that???

We’re also doing something super fun quarterly…

… a downloadable mini magazine! It will feature exclusive content by your favorite influencers that you won’t find anywhere else.

And we’re launching the first issue this holiday season!

I am absolutely floored, excited, and so unbelievably grateful that we can continue to push this platform to its full potential and spread the mission together to “live a life inspired.”

None of this could be possible without the incredible support from our readers and supporters, and I cannot accurately tell you how thankful I am in a single post.

But I’ll certainly try to explain it in our first podcast! 😉

If you’re interested in being on our podcast or being featured in the magazine, feel free to reach out on the CHAT tab in our navigation! Spots are quickly filling up, and we would love to host you.

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