*This* Quote Gave Me The Validity I’ve Been Seeking

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Actually, we all know that life in general has a way of throwing unexpected punches and leaving you in the gutter.

Yet, no matter our differences, we have our own set of dreams and aspirations that we seek to accomplish one day.

Some of us have started working on these dreams, and some of us are still in the planning, pre-launch stage.

For those of you that are in the trenches daily, working away to make something magical of your own design, this one’s for you.

What quote do you cherish?

You know the one. You hold onto it, put it on a sticky note as a reminder to keep going despite everything else.

For me, there’s been plenty. But only one has recently stuck with me and helped me validate my experience as an entrepreneur so far:

Learn when to rest, not when to quit.

There’s such a difference between resting and quitting, and yet I didn’t quite understand that prior to reading this quote. Funny how one sentence can help put things into perspective, right?

As a woman that struggles deeply with chronic endometriosis, sometimes it’s hard to even get out of bed in the mornings. My joints swell so bad that it hurts to type. My fatigue overcomes me and all I can do is lie down in bed.

It never used to be this bad, but within recent months I’ve noticed that it’s become unbearable.

So bad, in fact, that I now know I can’t carry on a full-time job responsibly, which is heartbreaking. I’ve always dreamed of being a successful professional, and lately I’ve come to realize that I cannot depend on another job to make me that woman I dream to be.

I have to do it myself. And that’s why I started News Macarons.

And I used to feel guilty, angry at myself, even, for this pain. But then this Friday I saw that quote on Pinterest (all hail Pinterest!) and it *clicked.*

When I have to rest, I have to rest. There’s no way around that, and there’s no reason in beating myself up over it.

Because resting does not equal quitting.

In my case, I’m resting my body physically. But for others, resting might also be mentally or emotionally.

And I’ve found that I feel so much better once I’ve rested. I’m not bogged down by my pain. Instead, I’m only focused on completing the tasks at hand and feeling accomplished at the end of my day.

Your progress will bring you joy

My goal with NM is to provide valuable content to our readers daily. There’s a lot of negative, vapid trash on the internet, and I refuse to join that noise. Instead, I want to be a solution.

While writing daily is difficult, I’ve found that it keeps me focused. It’s become the best method for me to develop positive habits when working only for myself (and I can be my own worst boss, trust me).

So after thinking about this quote, I started looking back on my progress from the past two months. And it brought me so much joy!

I realized that I didn’t give in to my own negative feelings about myself and my body. I didn’t quit, despite my illness, and so I shouldn’t get down on myself when I do have to rest.

There is indeed a difference, and I want to be an example of what comes with embodying it.

So if there’s one thing we can learn…

… It’s this: DO. NOT. QUIT.

Find a moment or a day or a week to take inventory of whatever part of you needs to rest. Then listen to yourself. Allow yourself that time.

And then get your ass back on the #goaltrain and make it happen.

Because when you give in to your negative thoughts, you live those negative thoughts.

If you’re kind to yourself, you live out that kindness.

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