Trending: Cryotherapy is the coldest, hottest new obsession

If this crazy winter weather hasn’t given you your “White Christmas” or “sweater weather” fix just yet, then this latest trend is the hottest new way to satisfy your cold cravings.

It’s called cryotherapy, but there’s no crying or therapy appointments needed.

All you have to do is subject your body to extremely cold temperatures, sometimes as cold as -300ºF, and lock yourself in a chamber that kinda-sorta looks like a walk-in freezer, tbh.

This form of physical therapy is said to help your body recover from injuries, reduce physical pain and inflammation, and even burn calories. Professional athletes have been fans of this for decades, so it only makes sense that celebrities and wellness professional are getting in on the hype.

Sound like something you’re into? Keep this in mind: cryotherapy is not FDA approved and it’s really expensive – think $75 for three minutes. There was even a death from full-body cryotherapy that occurred in 2015.

But here’s the thing, fans of cryotherapy are absolutely loving it – even Mandy Moore underwent a cryotherapy facial before the Golden Globes earlier this month! And the trend isn’t expected to decrease any time soon; according to the Digital Journal, the cryotherapy market is projected to reach $275 million by 2022, up from only $180 million last year.

So what’s driving the trend? Digital Journal says that some key factors include “the increasing demand for minimally invasive surgical procedures, growing incidence of cancer and cardiac conditions, technological advancements in cryotherapy equipment, and growing popularity in beauty wellness and fitness industry.”

So what do you think, #worthit?

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