In a slump? We’ve been there.

If you’re a subscriber to Medium, you might be familiar with The Mission publication. And hey, if you’re not a subscriber to Medium, get to it!

The Mission, according to the website, was founded on the goal to “publish stories, videos, and podcasts to help smart people get smarter.” You’re not going to be spammed with click bait or articles that keep you up at night. Instead, be prepared to read introspective articles that you never knew you needed to read. In case you can’t tell, we highly recommend it.

So here are the two articles you need to check out:

1️⃣ You Have to Show Up. Every. Day.

2️⃣ Stop Saying, “I’m Not a Morning Person.” You’re Lazy.

Did those headlines just give you a swift kick in the butt? Because that’s a pretty good introduction to what you should expect.

You Have to Show Up. Every. Day. discusses the importance of moving your “fuzzy aspirations” into actionable goals. And from there, making your goals into habits. This is a really important transition to understand, because once you make your goals into a habit, “you’ve exceeded 80% of your potential competition.”

Stop Saying, I’m Not a Morning Person.” You’re Lazy. is a pretty damning article for all of our fellow nap-lovers and “no talkie until coffee” solidarity sisters. Mornings are hard. But this article, in combination with the one we mention above, will motivate you to think differently about your time management. As Zak Slayback, the author of both points out, “You don’t need more time. You need to use your existing time better.”

So how’s that for some #MotivationMonday? Did these articles speak to you and motivate you to kick some ass now? Let us know in the comments below!

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