Behind the Scenes with Charming, Eclectic Victoria Mae Vintage

Victoria Hearn is a lover of all things vintage, eclectic, and liberating. Her charming Instagram page caught our attention right away, and we were honored to get the chance to take a peak behind the curtain to get a glimpse into her world. We’re utterly obsessed with her style and kickass attitude, and this interview will show you why!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
My name is Victoria Hearn, but in an alternate universe I would be Stevie Nicks.

I’m from the most magical coastal town called Port Fairy in Victoria, Australia. It’s filled with the most diverse range of people you will find – politicians, artists, hipsters, musicians, retirees and lifestylers. I seem to be always coming across new friendly people who inspire me and my style.

How would you describe your personal style?
Always changing.

It’s based on my mood, the music I’m listening to, and my surroundings is how I style each outfit. I am known to often change outfits during the day depending on the vibes I’m getting or if I’m suddenly inspired.

In a few words I would say its eclectic, liberating, moody, messy and evolving.

What’s your favorite outfit, or your go-to when you have nothing to wear and you want to feel fabulous?
Dungarees! I swear by them.

They are perfect for every season or whenever you’re feeling blahhh. They can be dressed up or down and layered in winter and they are amazingly comfortable.

An essential piece for every wardrobe!

A pair of short dungarees (or overalls, if your prefer 😉) Victoria Mae has for sale here

Have you always been interested in fashion, and have you always wanted to own your own clothing store?

I remember when I was 8 or 9 years of age our family would go to Melbourne for the weekend. All I would wanted to do was people watch!

I was so envious of these individuals walking confidently in their exotic, funky, eccentric clothing that I dreamed of one day owning the rights to their wares.

I think I realized I wanted to have my own brand around a year ago when I started getting asked pretty often about my outfits and where they were from. I’d either made or purchased most pieces in my wardrobe and that’s when I thought, “why not turn this passion into a job?”

How did you get Victoria Mae Vintage started?
My vintage obsession started when I was around 6 and I was going to the op-shops with my Nana and just thinking I was in heaven. Not one item of clothing was the same, there was only one of everything for a lucky person.

My nana introduced me to vintage, she is amazing! At 87 years old, Nana is the op shop queen. On numerous occasions she has bought an item from the op shop and donated it back only to repurchase it!

From then I have developed a LOVE of vintage. Once I decided to own a vintage brand I worked hard to save money so that I could collect a reasonable amount of pieces for a website.

One of my beautiful friends Alexis put her creative juices into action and created the website layout, then the one-of-a-kind Grace kindly donated her gorgeous look for the photoshoot. And ta da! Victoria Mae Vintage was created.

It’s official: Victoria’s nan is #goals.

Tell us about your awesome brand!
Victoria Mae Vintage is an online store that sells affordable women’s clothing.

We provide women with the opportunity to shop ethically and guilt free. For all those kind, unique, individuals with a love for vintage you will be sure to find a perfect piece to add to your wardrobe at

What’s your favorite part about being an entrepreneur? What’s your least favorite part? You can be honest! 😉
My favorite part of being an entrepreneur especially in regards to Victoria Mae Vintage is that I already feel that I have lived a fulfilled life.

I’ve created a brand that I truly love and am so damn proud of! It radiates everything I stand for: individuality and ethical shopping. I’m yet to find a negative!

A peak behind the scenes!

You mention that shopping vintage is a way to be sustainable. We totally agree! Can you explain a little bit more about this for others who might not understand why?
The reason I am very much an advocate for vintage shopping is because it is a way for people to still create a sense of themselves through style but by doing it in an ethical way and not contributing more waste into the world.

I support new emerging designers who are creating brand new sustainable clothing 100%. My point is to be aware of what you are buying and where from.

To give you an idea of the waste being created in the United States alone, over 15 million tonnes of clothing waste is generated per year!

What would you tell other girls and women interested in starting their own fashion stores online?

If you have a constant drive and passion for something, whether or not it’s fashion, follow your heart and do it! I would never have been fulfilled if I hadn’t gone ahead with Victoria Mae!

At the end of the day I thought to myself even if Victoria Mae isn’t successful and I end up losing money at least I tried, because by failing I’m learning and knowledge is power.

We’re swooning over these details!

What’s your favorite quote, or what personal mantra motivates you?
I read Into the Wild two years ago and there’s a great quote at the end by Christopher Mccandleuss, “Happiness is only real when shared with others.”

As much as I love being by myself I think there is nothing like real human interaction.

Final thoughts! What do you want everyone to know?
I want my walk through life to be positive, knowing that I have done my best for myself and this world.

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