Was the show GIRLBOSS empowering?

Okay, confession. We had to change the title of this post from is to was because, as we were typing it, the news broke that GIRLBOSS was canceled.

So how do we feel about this? Originally, this post was meant to see if any of you found the show empowering, or if it served its purpose to both inspire young women to pursue their dreams and to entertain a larger audience simultaneously. But after the show’s cancelation due to lukewarm reception and disapproving reviews, we think there’s something more here.

Here at news macs, we weren’t thrilled with the show as a whole. Sophia’s character, played by Britt Robertson, was so unlikable that it retracted our attention away from the purpose of the namesake book. What was originally a biography about discovering strength despite your unusual beginnings, the trials you may go through, or the gifts you were given at birth, its fundamental message was that you can succeed in this crazy world as long as you stay true to yourself.

And it seems as though Sophia Amoruso is circling back to this philosophy herself. The news broke this weekend when Sophia declared on her Instagram story that her show was no more, and she stated that “While I’m proud of the work we did, I’m looking forward to controlling my narrative from here on out.” Perhaps this show has more of a relatable story now than it did at launch: stay true to yourself and your narrative.


(The Verge has more here)

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