Wtf is Kombucha? 7 Fun Facts About This Trendy Tea

Kombucha has been a buzz word for a couple of years now, and grocery stores are continuously stocking their shelves to keep up with the trend. Even PepsiCo has jumped on the Kombucha action, purchasing the KeVita brand for $200 million last year! 😱

But what do you know about this trendy super tea? It certainly hasn’t been met without controversy.

You might remember the Whole Foods conspiracy of 2010, when the store had to pull the drinks from inventory because of elevated alcohol levels discovered in the tea.

Personally, that’s all I know. I’ve been a fan of Kombucha for quite some time because of its delightfully sour taste, but to be honest, I have no idea what it actually is.

Sound familiar? If so, today we’re going to learn about this fermented tea together!

Here’s what I found out:

Kombucha is a sweetened, fermented tea

It’s made through a double fermentation process that goes like this: a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast is placed in the tea and left to ferment for 1-3 weeks. After that, it’s bottled for another 1-2 weeks to bring out the carbonation. Once that’s done, the tea is refrigerated to slow down the fermentation process.

Kombucha originated in Northeast China, or Manchuria at the time, around 220 BC

See that *stuff* on top? That’s the bacteria and yeast culture fermenting.

The Chinese named it the “Immortal Health Elixir”

GT’s is one of the original Kombucha brands.

The 1990s saw this drink rise in popularity in the West, and growth has continued steadily since

Sidenote: This one is my favorite!

Health claims about this drink vary

Kombucha is believed to help cure medical conditions like AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and boosting of the immune system. These claims have not been confirmed by any medical studies, however. Do not use this as a substitute for proper medical care!

Yes, you can get drunk from it

Kombucha beer exists! The company Kombrewcha was founded in 2014 by a cofounder of Honest Tea.

A healthy beer alternative? Yes please! Bonus points for the amazing pun.

In 2009, Slate declared Kombucha the most liberal product in America

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